• Total No. of Books in college library  =  6089
  • Total No. of Jurnals  = 15


  • Entry in the library is strictly on the basis of Identity cum Library card.
  • Two books can be issued to  students at a time for 14 days, and if the book is not in demand the same can be reissued for further 15 days.
  • If the book is not deposited in time, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day per book is charged.
  • If the issued book is lost, the responsibility has to be borne by the borrower and he/she has to deposit another copy of the book of the same or the latest edition. If the book is not replaced, one has to deposit double cost of the book as a fine.
  • Any damage caused to the library property and books of the library, in terms of writing, underlining or tearing the pages, is subjected to the disciplinary action as per college rules.
  • As the library is automated /computerized hence, any damage caused to the bar code of the book is subjected to a fine of Rs. 150/- for each book.
  • Apart from the above rules, the library has a booklet of rules & regulations which can be obtained from the counter on demand.
  • Students have to pay Rs. 150/- for the loss of Identity cum Library card.